make me choose: pirateswaan -> snowing or outlaw queen

The man with the lion tattoo is your happy ending

if that's not character development then i don't know what is

make me choose

harveysface & agewithgraces asked: Tina Fey or Amy Poehler?

ichbodcrane asked: Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling?

ginnifergoodwins asked: Lana Parrilla or Tina Fey?

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"I keep saying one of the most amazing aspects of this character is the way she dresses, because it’s so achingly chic, and I get to wear these amazing clothes. On the outside, she’s got this amazing charm and this charming way of dressing and presenting herself, meticulously chic, like a ’50s housewife almost. This crafted outward perfection belies this complex traumatic life underneath." - Vera Farmiga


Workmates can be cruel

We could prosecute Blair Watson for having sex with a minor, but oh shit- she’s dead.

Sheriff Romero, Bates Motel, 2x08  (via dealingwithnorman)


"Tell him you couldn’t find me, okay?"


Bates Motel 2x08 | Meltdown


"You need to go now"