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Happy 41st Birthday Kristen Wiig! (August 22nd, 1973)

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”And if you die,

               I will literally go out of my freaking mind.”

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…and a fairy dies. [x]

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get to know me meme: [5/8] friendships ✴ winston bishop & schmidt
I don’t know why you want this damn fish so bad. But what I do know is that it’s gonna make you happy. And that’s all I care about. Remember, I’m the one who shaved your shoulders after you got that scoop neck sweater.
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psych challenge: [2/4] relationships - carlton lassiter & marlowe viccellio

"the truth is, the whole time that i was stuck in there, i never panicked. not once. i just knew carlton was going to come. i felt safe, if that makes any sense. and then it hit me: carlton is always going to be there. always. i never have to worry about losing him.”

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  • peter: my name's peter quill, but you might know me by another name.
  • korath: what?
  • peter: *whips on sunglasses* bert macklin, fbi.

Beautiful idiots 

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Almost Royal S01E01: Los Angeles

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going back to school more likeimage

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"During the first season I had pitched a storyline where Samira and I fall in love. The Nicky and Poussey affair! I pitched it mostly because I wanted to spend more time with her." - Natasha Lyonne (x).

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Aubrey Plaza Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

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Happy Birthday Misha Collins!

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